SANS Notes 12-5-15

Trip Payment due for Colombia travelers Please bring your check for $1,000 to rehearsal on Monday. Or pay online at in the Members section under Trip Payments.

SANS Concert Tickets

Don't forget to purchase your concert tickets before or after rehearsal, if you haven't already. Please bring cash or a check made out to SANS, Inc. We expect chorus members to take two tickets to sell. In advance: regular ticket - $15; senior/student ticket - $12. At the door: $18 and $15 respectively.

Last 2 rehearsals for December 12 concert

Monday, December 7 - This rehearsal may run late; we have a lot to cover!

Thursday, December 10 - This is the dress rehearsal, but you do not need to wear concert dress. It, too, may run late.

SANS T-shirts

New SANS T-shirts will be on sale Monday night before and after rehearsal. You will have first choice of colors and sizes. Shirts will also be on sale at our concert for the public to purchase. Shirts are $20 each and we have a variety of colors in men’s and women’s style shirts. Cash or a check (SANS, Inc.) is appreciated.

Pecans for the holidays

Purchase a one-pound bag of delicious, fresh mammoth pecan halves for $15 before or after rehearsal. Cash or a check is appreciated, as is your support of this SANS fundraiser.

Concert Dress

Plain black (no sequins or other colors, not gray or charcoal gray) long-or three-quarter-length sleeved shirt, black pants or skirt (below-knee length), black shoes and stockings/socks. Scarves will be distributed at the concert. Please return them after the concert. Please do not wear large earrings, or perfumes or scents, since some singers are allergic to scents.

Holiday potluck Monday, December 14 at 7:00 pm

Please plan to come to our annual holiday potluck, held in our rehearsal space. If you wish, sign up at rehearsal to let us know what you're bringing - an entree, side dish, salad, or dessert. OR just come with a surprise offering! If we have only brownies, brownies are what we'll eat! It's a party!


If you will not be at rehearsal on Monday, or at the dress rehearsal on Thursday, please let us know at