SANS Notes 10-2-15

New members: Please join us for the New Members Orientation on October 19th from 6:30 to 7:10. We will share information about Sharing A New Song and answer your questions. Light snacks will be provided. Come to meet other new members and some of the SANS board.

Colombia trip: The trip committee will make a brief presentation on the trip Monday, October 5th.

October 12: There will be no rehearsal on October 12.

SANS Community Calendar: Anne Benaquist is retiring from the SANS Community Calendar editor position. Anyone interested in publishing this monthly calendar of events should write to There is a template for the calendar which is sent out via Constant Contact, and Anne will provide training. Meanwhile, the calendar is being discontinued until a replacement editor is found.

*Password for the Members section of* Members of the 2015-16 chorus will receive their password to the Members section of our new website soon. The Members section does not have any useful content yet!

Water: If you like to keep hydrated during rehearsal, please plan to bring your own water. Alternatively, there is a water bubbler in the hall.

We are open to making water available, but need a volunteer to be in charge of purchasing and selling bottles of water or bringing a large container of water each week. If you are interested in providing water, please let us know at

Pencils: Please bring a pencil to mark your music when requested. There will be a pencil sharpener available on the table.

Music to bring to rehearsal: If you sang with us last spring, please bring your copy of Son de Camaguey .

Attendance: If you will not be at rehearsal on Monday, please let us know at

See you Monday -- ready to sing at 7:15!