2016 Colombia Trip Application, Terms and Conditions, and Itinerary

Application and Deposit due November 9, 2015: If you are interested in traveling with SANS to Colombia from April 15 - April 25, 2016, please register through the following link: Trip Application https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1jG7tCaiS5yTaJ8QNNeZ5k3n7hU2gUG8z5aaVdIGmVA8/viewform

Please complete and submit this online trip application by Monday, November 9, 2015. Before completing the online application, please read the attached document "Trip Terms and Conditions". In the online trip application, you will be asked if you have read and understand these Trip Terms and Conditions.

In addition, please pay your $500 deposit by Monday, November 9. You may bring a check, made out to SANS, Inc., to rehearsal and give it to one of the Trip Committee members (Lee Harrison, Joanne Lowry, Joan O’Halloran, and Marcia Steere). Or you may pay by credit card or Paypal online at sanschorus.org in the Members section. Note that there is a 3% service charge for credit card or Paypal payments.

Our goal is to take a traveling chorus that is balanced in terms of parts (soprano, alto, tenor, bass), as well as diverse with respect to age, ethnicity, and first-time and seasoned travelers. We are hoping that everyone who wants to come with us to Colombia will be able to do so, but you should know that if we have more applications than places, we will have to use these criteria to balance the traveling chorus. We have yet to encounter this problem, but we want to warn you that registering and paying your deposit does not guarantee you a space. If, due to space limitations, we are unable to accept an applicant, that trip deposit will be refunded. We expect to have more information at the end of January, and will let you know as soon as possible.

Scholarships for SANS Travel: Because scholarship funds are limited, the SANS Board needs to apply stringent guidelines for scholarship eligibility. First-time travelers are prioritized along with (a) the need for a balance of voice parts, (b) musical contribution (including, but not limited to ability to solo or carry a section), (c) age and ethnic diversity, (d) other contributions to the organization, particularly in fundraising, and (e) need. We encourage scholarship applicants to be creative about finding support from family, friends, individual fundraising projects, etc., so we may apply available scholarship funds in the best interests of SANS. Applicants must show contributions to SANS to qualify for funds.

Scholarship applications will be available at rehearsal on Nov 9th from Scholarship Committee members (Anne Pearson, Joanne Lowry, Kathy Kolowich, and Laura Pattison).

Scholarship applications are due by November 23. Scholarship applicants are expected to complete a trip application, submitted online at: Trip Application https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1jG7tCaiS5yTaJ8QNNeZ5k3n7hU2gUG8z5aaVdIGmVA8/viewform A deposit of $500 is due with all trip applications on November 9. Scholarship awards will be made in December. If a traveler applies for a scholarship and does not receive a scholarship sufficient to make the trip affordable, the applicant’s trip deposit will be refunded.


Attached is a preliminary draft of our itinerary. The basic towns are set and there will be four concert performances. After our agent visits the sites, there may be additional singing experiences and activities added.

In most of the evaluations from previous SANS trips, people have suggested having blocks of free time to explore on their own. We hope to offer some of that with lists of various suggestions of activities that you may want to pursue.

We are also planning to have some receptions after concerts in order to socialize with other choruses.

Even though this is a work in progress, we know this will be another fabulous SANS experience.

*Please register for the SANS Colombia trip as soon as possible, so we know how many people are interested in traveling, and can plan space and accommodations. Thank you!*