SANS Notes 11-20-15

Just in time for Thanksgiving!

Just-picked pecans will be available for the holidays. See Virgil Glenn at the November 23 rehearsal. A one-pound bag of delicious, fresh mammoth pecan halves is $15. Your support of this SANS fundraiser is appreciated.

SANS Concert Flyer and Tickets

Anne Hurston will sell SANS December 12 concert tickets before and after rehearsal. We expect chorus members to take two tickets to sell. A well-attended concert is a better concert—more energy and more fun! We all need to help to build our audience, especially since this concert is in a different location (Payson Park Church) from our usual concert location.

We also hope chorus members will take a flyer to post at your workplace, or in a location in a town surrounding Belmont, or in Belmont itself (library, grocery store, etc). Thank you!

Concert Dress

Plain black (no sequins or other colors, not gray or charcoal gray) long-or three-quarter-length sleeved shirt, black pants or skirt (below-knee length), black shoes and stockings/socks. Scarves will be distributed at the concert. Please return them after the concert.

Please do not wear large earrings, or perfumes or scents, since some singers are allergic to scents.

Colombia Scholarship Applicants

Please turn in your application to Anne Pearson at rehearsal on Monday, November 23.

Colombia 2016

The draft trip itinerary that was sent with the trip application information is just that—a draft. The trip committee usually doesn’t send an itinerary this early in the year. We will probably adjust that itinerary 20 times before the final itinerary. It was sent early this year to give travelers information about flights and cities that we will visit. The time in each city might also change as we add activities to the itinerary. That won’t happen until our guide, Gerry, who also took us to Nicaragua in 2013, visits Colombia in January or February. We will continue to add daily activities until we travel. For this, you just have to trust that the trip committee will do its usual thing until we find ourselves in this beautiful country. There are still spaces available for our Colombia 2016 journey, if you decide to join the traveling group.

Colombia Travelers

Please save Saturday, April 2, 2016 for the all-day traveler’s rehearsal and mark it on your calendar. We will announce the time later—usually it’s 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., but hope you will set aside the day now. Thanks!

Stanley Swann memorial gifts Those who wish to make a contribution in Stanley Swann's memory can send a check (made out to Lowell Jazz Day Camp) to:

Adriana Swann 451 School Street Unit 05 Lowell MA 01851

Attendance If you will not be at rehearsal on Monday, please let us know at