SANS Notes 10-16-15

New members and other interested parties: Please join us for the New Members Orientation on Monday, October 19th from 6:30 to 7:10. Jonathan will talk about his goals for the chorus this year.

We will also share information about Sharing A New Song and answer your questions. Light snacks will be provided. Come to meet other new members, Jonathan, and some of the SANS board.

*Password for the Members section of* You will receive your password to the Members section of our new website sometime next week. It will come with a cryptic subject line such as "Entrance to Members".

Colombia trip: Yaffa Bibi has made a connection with a synagogue in Cartagena. They have agreed to host SANS Jewish members for a Seder on the first night of Passover. We are working to finalize details, and will let you know as soon as we have done that.

As we explained at the last rehearsal, we planned this trip to coincide with April vacation, not realizing that the first day of Passover is April 22, our first whole day in Cartagena. The Trip Committee is deeply sorry that this happened, and we have two alternatives to offer to our Jewish members. The first is that you can go home on the 21st, so that you can be in place by sundown on the 22nd, but you will have to miss Cartagena. The second is to celebrate Passover with members of a synagogue in Cartagena.

We will be sending trip applications in the next couple of weeks. Applications are due November 9 with a $500 trip deposit.

If you know or have contacts to someone in Colombia who can help us with finding musicians we might join in concert, let us know. This is a new venue for us, and we are looking for great musical experiences!

Picture Directory: If you haven't yet done so, please send your photos and brief bios (approximately 25 words) to Anne Benaquist at If you don't have a head shot, please contact soprano Nancy Pressler, who has volunteered to take pictures before or after rehearsal. Her email is

Water: If you like to keep hydrated during rehearsal, please plan to bring your own water. Alternatively, there is a water bubbler in the hall.

We are open to making water available, but need a volunteer to be in charge of purchasing and selling bottles of water or bringing a large container of water each week. If you are interested in providing water, please let us know at

Pencils: Please bring a pencil to mark your music when requested. There will be a pencil sharpener available on the table.

Music to bring to rehearsal: If you sang with us last spring, please bring your copy of Son de Camaguey .

Attendance: If you will not be at rehearsal on Monday, please let us know at